Stage 1
Marmande Marmande
15 August 2019

Type Flat
Distance 134 km
Climbing +921 m
Marmande (Lot-et-Garonne)
 13:15 CEST
 Rue de la République, Marmande (Google Maps)
Marmande (Lot-et-Garonne)
 16:00 CEST (estim.)
 Boulevard du Docteur Raymond Fourcade, Marmande (Google Maps)
Racing highlights
  • KM 76.8
    GPM 4 - Côte de Haute-Vignes
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A city of hearts and memories, Marmande combines authenticity, friendliness, history and a gentle way of life.

Marmande displays the colour of its cuisine: red! Like its tomatoes, the
round, the ribbed one,
the beef heart, the cocktail, the…Marmande.
but also its strawberries, the Garriguette, the Mara des bois, the Charlotte, the Ciflorette. Its AOC Côtes wines
of the Marmandais, are available in red, white and rosé. ??

Daughter of the river, Marmande owes its prosperity to King Richard Lionheart, who granted it in 1182,
a “Charter of Customs and Freedoms”. It is the birth certificate of the city, which strengthens its position as
natural border between Guyenne and Gascony.
Marmande also asserts itself through its remarkable religious architecture: the Notre-Dame church (from the 13th century), the cloister (16th century), the Saint-Benoît chapel (17th century), listed as Historical Monuments
Rich in this past, in the heart of a land of vines, tomatoes and strawberries, Marmande combines customs and modernity, served by a character resolutely turned towards the future.

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